Amazing Water Sport in Bali

Amazing Water Sport in Bali 1

Water sport in Bali – It will never run out of time when talking about Bali. Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination has always amazed many pairs of eyes. Domestic and foreign tourists, one after another, come to the island of Gods which is like a paradise in the world.

Bali has much diverse and greatest tourist attraction. As if every corner of Bali is an interesting place to visit. Starting from the visible tourism objects with crowded visitors to various beautiful hidden places with only a few visitors. All places are so bewitching. They can’t easily move us quickly from there. That place seems to nail our feet, so that we can stay there to spend more quality time with our loved ones.

Water tourism on the beach, lake, river banks, sea, and other scenic spots are the most favorite among the many tours in Bali. In these tourism objects, visitors can do various watersport activities. They can also explore the underwater world of Bali and examine their body endurance while having chit chat with the rigors of the waves. The water sport in Bali is recognized to be the most complete watersport in the world. So, which of the watersports below that challenge your nerves best?

Riding Banana Boat

Riding banana boat is a favorite watersport when visiting Tanjung Benoa beach. As many as 4 to 6 people will ride a banana-shaped rubber boat. Then, this rubber boat will be pulled by a speedboat during the trip session. Even though it is classified as an easy watersport, banana boat is very fun to play because we enjoy the sensation of turning and slightly floating on the swift waves. One family like father, mother, children, aunt, and uncle can ride banana boat together.


Bali and snorkeling just like a close friend who closely tight. You’re not supposed to be in Bali if you haven’t done this watersport. You don’t need any scuba diving certificate to be able to snorkel. You can enjoy the underwater scenery in Bali with snorkeling. Just prepare your snorkeling equipment like fin and mask that you can rent and snorkel guide.

Amazing Water Sport in Bali 2

No need to worry about the safety during snorkeling. Bali has snorkeling spots that are easily accessible and harmless. A row of colorful coral reefs and natural wealth under the sea is always stay to spoil your eyes. You can check the information about snorkeling and other watersports here


Are you in the middle of your honeymoon? Wanna try something extreme with your spouse? Do try parasailing in Tanjung Benoa. This watersport is a little bit different with other water sports in Bali. The rush of your adrenaline will burst when you are doing this.

The parasailing player will use a parachute that is fastened to a speedboat. When a speedboat travels at a high speed, the speedboat will pull that parachute that makes the user fly. You can fly alone or with one or two more people in one parachute. All depends on the size of the parachute and the strength of the speedboat.

Flying Fish

Amazing Water Sport in Bali 3

This is one of the new watersports in Bali. As the name implies, this boat will make you fly just like flying fish that you often see on the screen at your home. This watersport uses a special designed boat, a fish-shaped rubber boat, with a capacity of about 2 or 3 passengers. The boat can be filled with air, so that it will look bloated. By the time the passengers are ready on the boat, the speedboat will pull this inflatable boat for about 10 minutes. You will be hovering in the air together with another boat-friend.

Sea Walking

You can’t swim or dive well, but you want to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery in Bali. Why don’t you try sea walker watersport?

In Sanur, many tourists try this watersport. The visitors aged 10 years above can explore under the sea on foot. Sea walker trip lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. You need special equipment and a tour guide during the sea walking. All equipment is of international standard and safe to use.

The ship that take you and entourage will be anchored off in Sanur. You must use special helmet similar to astronauts to get oxygen from above the ship. Don’t forget to wear a comfortable swimsuit and bring your underwater camera. The scenery under the sea will really make you spellbound. By the time you reach the seabed formation, you will be ambushed by big and small fish hordes. Then, a couple minutes later, you will enjoy the beautiful natural sculptures in the form of charming sea corals.


This group watersport is often done in the areas of East Bali and Central Bali such as Telaga Waja rafting, the Ayung River, and Melangit river. Rafting use complete equipment with inflatable raft boats as its primadonnas.

While down a quiet river, you will enjoy the flora and fauna of Bali in a very close range. Some of these flora and fauna are classified as rare creatures. Then, you will follow the stream until you touch the canyon or the rapid river stream. This is the moment when your adrenaline will be encouraged. The teamwork and cohesiveness are at stake. Whether you will succeed in this rafting or just have the boat upside down that make you and your friends on the boat swim in the cold river water.

Rolling Donut

Amazing Water Sport in Bali 4

The hole in the donut that you eat won’t make you spin forever. But, this donut can make you spin in the middle of the ocean wave. A rubber boat designed to resemble a giant donut can hold 3 to 4 people. Then, a speedboat will pull this giant donut. So that, it can spin until it floats slightly on the water. It must be so refreshing bathed in splashes of water from the centrifugal movement produced by this rolling donut.


Being a flying human for a few minutes is very possible to do in Bali. One of its best watersports, Flying board, can make your daydreaming come true. You can fantasize as if you were Tony Stark who was wearing his Iron Man suit. Flying board uses water jets to push your body until it bounces perfectly into space. Do your fun style for about 15 to 20 minutes fly high in the air.

Jet Skiing

Maybe you’re very curious with the speedboat that pull almost all rubber boat used for watersports in Bali. Do try jet ski that allows you to ride the waves at a speed that you can control yourself. However, when you drive a jet ski, the speed of this marine motor vehicle becomes a challenge that you must conquer. It’s impossible to ride jet ski with slow speed. Feel the fluttering of the wind mixed with splashes of sea water on your head and body.

Water Skiing

If you are in Uluwatu or Tanjung Benoa, you should try this extreme watersport. The water skiing will take you to the middle of the sea to feel the waves. You will be on a ski board. Then, an electric boat will pull you. In order to maintain the balance, both of your hands must hold tightly to the rope connected to the boat. Make sure your body follows the boat’s spin. So, you don’t fall easily to the water. This sport is proven extreme and thrilling enough.

And there are still many kinds of  Bali water sport that you can enjoy if you want to explore the wonderful beach of  Bali. So, let’s search the convenient travel agent tour, and try the Bali water sport that you like in Bali.

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