5+ Water Sports – Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa

5+ Water Sports - Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa 1

Bali is an island that has beautiful natural scenery. You can find the uniqueness of rice terraces, beautiful white sandy beaches, and various beauty of coral reefs under the sea. Bali has many tourist attractions that can be visited, so you need to make plans about activities to do in Bali.

You need to make a priority of tourist attractions that must be visited. Before making a list of priority attractions to visit, you should also pay attention to who you are on vacation with. 

Activities To Do in Bali – The Options

When you vacation with family, children, girlfriends, friends, of course, will influence in determining the priority of tourist attractions to be visited first. You also have to determine which areas will be visited while on vacation to the island of Bali.

You can do many things and can visit many places while on vacation to the island. Besides Penet river tubing and river rafting in Bali, one of the interesting activities to do while vacationing on the island of Bali is water sports.

You who like Watersport Bali activities can visit the Tanjung Benoa area of ​​Bali.

Tanjung Benoa is a tourist place flanked by Benoa Harbor and the Nusa Dua area which is in the southern part of Bali. Nusa Dua is a promontory located in the southeast of the island of Bali with a distance of more than 40 kilometers from Denpasar, which is the capital of the province of Bali.

Meanwhile, part of the coast of Tanjung Benoa includes seven Banjar or villages. One of the villages entered into the village of Tanjung Benoa, namely Banjar Terora. The coastal area, the underwater area in Tanjung Benoa is indeed the right destination for water sports activities. 

The sea waves at Tanjung Benoa are very calm with an average depth of six meters, making it very suitable for beginners who want to do water sports activities.

Tanjung Benoa area is already well-known by local and foreign tourists with a water sport tour. You just need to adjust what water sports you want to do.

You do not need to worry when you want to enjoy lunch or need to exchange money because in the Tanjung Benoa area there are also restaurants, money changers, and a variety of transportation options to facilitate vacation trips.

Tanjung Benoa Location and Transportation

Tanjung Benoa became a favorite tourist destination for tourists while on vacation in Bali. The location of Tanjung Benoa is also very strategic because it is close to the tourist area of ​​Nusa Dua Bali.

The attraction of Tanjung Benoa is the beauty of the beach which has white sand and calm wave conditions, making it suitable for Bali water sports activities.

The location of Tanjung Benoa tourist attractions is on the southeastern tip of the island of Bali, which goes into the district of South Kuta.

The distance from Ngurah Rai Airport to Tanjung Benoa is approximately 35 minutes. This duration is the standard time without traffic jams.

When you want to avoid traffic jams, you should take a vacation other than in July, August, December, and January. These months are the peak season for the holidays in Bali, so that many roads in the Bali region are definitely crowded and prone to traffic jams.

You should use the Bali Mandara toll road to get to the Tanjung Benoa tourist area. Do not forget to prepare the costs for passing the toll road. You can rent a car while on vacation in Bali for ease of transportation.

The most adequate type of public transportation on the island of Bali is taxis, therefore the best transportation option is to use private vehicles. 

However, when you do not have a private vehicle, then you can anticipate it by renting a vehicle. You can use a car or motorcycle for ease of transportation while on the island of Bali. However, for easy access to Tanjung Benoa you should use a car so you can take the lane via the Toll road.

You should have planned, what transportation will be used, activities to do in Bali, and prepare a variety of vacation equipment needed. Avoid making holiday preparations suddenly.

Water Sports Activities in Tanjung Benoa Bali

You who want to pump adrenaline while on vacation can do various water sports activities in Tanjung Benoa. The tourist area is indeed a challenging water sports paradise. You can find a variety of different water sports activities to do in Bali.

Adjust to your abilities and desires.

Make a list of activities to do in Bali to perfect your vacation. Tanjung Benoa offers a variety of water sports preoccupations that can be tried. Here is a list of water sports that you can choose from:

parasailing - activities to do in bali

1. Parasailing

Parasailing is a water sports activity using a parachute umbrella which is then pulled by a speedboat to circle along Tanjung Benoa Beach. The length of the rope used to pull is approximately eighty meters. When doing water sports activities, you will feel the sensation of being a parachutist.

Don’t worry for those of you who are still beginners in doing this Parasailing activity because before taking off there will usually be an experienced guide who gives guidance and procedures for doing water sports Parasailing that is true and safe.

5+ Water Sports - Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa 2

2. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a sport that combines the concepts of skateboarding and surfing. Wakeboarding is done by the way you have to stand on the “wakeboard” board by holding the rope which is then pulled using a speedboat.

The average speed of the speedboat is 25 km/hour. Those of you who are proficient can do a variety of tricks to challenge yourself more, but for those of you who are beginners, you should still follow the rules and correct directions for safety.

5+ Water Sports - Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa 3

3. Fly Boarding

Fly boarding is more extreme than wakeboarding. This water sports activity also uses a board like “wakeboard” which is equipped with a pair of shoes that are already attached. However, there is a difference in the form of the bottom of the board there is a very high pressure water booster.

As usual, those of you who are beginners will get the right directions and instructions from the guide before you fly board. Many activities to do in Bali in the form of water sports that can stimulate adrenaline and full of fun that you can try.

5+ Water Sports - Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa 4
Flying fish

4. Flying Fish

Flying fish is a water game that uses rubber boats that resemble flying fish. The equipment used in the form of three banana boats put together and added with a rubber boat across the front and also equipped with small wings on the right side and the left side.

The rubber will be pulled using a speedboat and will slowly start to fly. You will feel the sensation and extraordinary experience challenging when doing Flying Fish water sports activities.

5+ Water Sports - Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa 5
Jet ski

5. Jet Ski

The next water sport is Jet Ski. You can ride a motorized marine vehicle and feel the ocean breeze. Don’t forget to use a buoy when you do this water sports activity.

You don’t need swimming skills to try this water sport. Those of you who are beginners do not need to worry because they can still try this type of water sports.

The best holiday season for Jet Skiing is in April and September. It is a popular activities to do in Bali.

5+ Water Sports - Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa 6
scuba diving

6. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a diving activity to explore various beauty dive sites that have a variety of underwater garden collections. Bali is indeed very popular among professional divers and people who have a hobby of diving.

Bali has beautiful waters, the beauty of coral reefs and breathtaking underwater scenery. You can see turtles, manta rays, tropical fish, kaleidoscopic, and sharks while diving.

5+ Water Sports - Challenging and Exciting Activities To Do in Bali at Tanjung Benoa 7

7. Snorkeling

You who want to see the beauty under the sea can do snorkeling activities. Feel the sensation that is full of awe when you see the beauty of coral reefs and various other underwater creatures’ lives.

You who want to get the right moment when doing this snorkeling activity can visit Bali in December to March. Ana who wants to snorkel must prepare her equipment. You who don’t have Snorkeling equipment can rent it.

Water sports activities to do in Bali you have to do. It will be very unfortunate when you are on holiday to the island of Bali, but skip various water sports activities that are both challenging and fun on the island of Bali, especially Tanjung Benoa.

You can access baliwatersporttour.com to see other types of water sports that are more challenging and burning adrenaline. Enjoy the beauty of Bali’s sea and get a variety of unforgettable experiences while doing various holiday activities in Bali.

Other water sports activities that can be done while on vacation to the island of Bali are surfing, Banana Boat, and surfing.

Actually there are many more water sports that you can try, but make sure your body is in a fit condition when doing all water sports activities.

Other activities to do in Bali that you can do is sea fishing. You who have a fishing hobby can find this fun activity in the middle of the sea of Bali. You who want to fish in the sea of Bali can prepare in advance the equipment. Furthermore, you can use a motor boat to go to the sea where there are a lot of fish.

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