Explore The Amazing Journey In Bali Water Sport Beach

Explore The Amazing Journey In Bali Water Sport Beach 3

There are many beautiful beaches in Bali. Tanjung Benoa as the example the favourite of tourists to do Bali water sport.  Bali water sport beach is sandy and the water is usually calm. Especially in particular time such as in April, September, December until March which is for snorkeling and so on. So, there will be particular time to do Bali water sport. If the water tide position and the wind are not allowing to do water sport in Bali, the time will be changed or your money will be back. This is based on the situations.

So, what types of thrilling and experiencing Bali water sport that we can do in Bali water sport beach? Below are the descriptions of them.

1. Bali Rolling Donut

Rolling Donut is one of the experienced  sport in the water. This is an easy sport because it doesn’t need the requirements of good swimmer, but although you can’t swim, this Bali water sport can you try in Bali water sport beach. Because, you just need to sit and relax in the boat. The boat shape is like doughnut  and it will be pulled by fast boat for a great adventure of  riding. You can do this Bali water sport in Tanjung Benoa beach, one of the best Bali water sport beach  in Bali. For the best season, you can try Bali rolling donut in April until September.

2. Snorkeling

Don’t be afraid of the deep sea water in Bali water sport beach because you will view an amazing life of marine there. The level of this Bali water sport is moderate, so you must be careful to do Snorkeling, however, it is not qualified that you must professional swimmer. You can do snorkeling although you are not good in swimming. The best season to do this is December to March. And the best place to do this in Sanur beach, Island of Menjagan, Tulamben and so on. Snorkeling will bring you to amazing journey of marine life in Bali water sport beach.

3.  Water Skiing

Water skiing is an interesting water sport in Bali. This sport in water will give you thrilling experience to do this. Because you will glide the sea water using ski board on your foot. The ski board will be pulled out by power boat so you can surround the beautiful sandy beach in Bali. The level of this sport in water is difficult. So, you need to master swimming well before deciding  to try water skiing. The best season for doing water skiing is April to October. And the suitable places for doing water skiing is Tanjung Benoa beach, Uluwatu, and so on. And to make you saved, you also need to life jacket with wetsuit.

4. Surfing

Are you interested in surfing? Bali beach is the best place for surfing. The wave of sea water in Bali will help you in surfing. This sport is thrilling and need to master swimming well. The best places for surfing are Uluwatu, Balangan, Medewi, Nusa Dua, and Kuta. These are interesting ad challenging places which you can try surfing.  The best season to do this Bali water sport is April to October. Are you ready to go surfing?

5. Parasailing

Get a wonderful and fantastic journey with parasailing water sport in Bali beach. You will fly up in the air and speedboat will pull you around the coast of Bali. This is an enjoyable water sport in Bali . This Bali water sport is easy and you can do this without swimming requirement. It is can be done in April or in September. To make you more saved, you need to wear life jacket throughout the ride. The best season for doing this is when April to September time and the best place is Tanjung Benoa.

Parasailing is an amazing Bali water sport. You have to try it, if you go to Bali especially with your partner. That will be memorizing experience in your life.

6. Fly Fishing

Ride a flat rubber boat in the air and then pulled by another speed boat is fly fishing water sport. This is one of the newest Bali water sport in Bali. That is why you need to try it. it is easy to do fly fishing. The best place for doing this sport is Tanjung Benoa beach and the best season for doing fly fishing is in April and September. To ride a flat rubber boat, you don’t neet to have requirement of swimming, because it is easy. That you need attention is to wear life jacket through the ride.

So, when all the preparations are complete, you just need to enjoy your experience in Bali water sport beach.

7. Scuba Diving

If you want to see marine life such as coral reeds, sharks, and so on you can choice scuba diving as sport in the water that you must try if you travel to Bali, heaven of God island. Scuba diving is to clean water and exquisit coral. This water sport is easy to do, you also don’t need requirement of swimming to do scuba diving. The best place for doing suba diving in Menjangan island, Sanur,  Tulamben, Amed, and so on. The best season for doing this scuba diving is December to March. To make you saved along the journey in the deep of blue Bali water, you need to pay attention in pre diving briefings. Follow the instructions carefully and find the amazing journey of deep blue water in Bali.

8. Jet Skiing

It is  easy Bali water sport, you should not master swimming well. You just ride a motorised sea vehicle and enjoy the fresh breeze through your hair. Jet skiing is wonderful if you try in Tanjung Benoa beach and the best season to do this is  in April or in September. While riding motorized sea vehicle, don’t forget to wear life jacket throughout the ride to make you saved while riding.

Eight Bali water sports above are great experience that you must try if you go to Bali. So, don’t just lie on the sandy beach to make your skin black but explore Bali water sport beach in Bali. You must have fun and doing some great Bali water sport.

Enjoy the blue water and the fresh air of Bali, breeze the fantastic wind around you, and feel the amazing wave, because Bali offers you many things to enjoy. Culture, land of Bali, food, and the most special thing is the phenomena of Bali underwater experience.

Explore Bali, explore all the aspects and parts of Bali and become the the witness of how wonderful Bali is!

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