Extreme Water Sport in Bali

Extreme Water Sport in Bali 1

As we know that Bali is famous for its diverse water sports. All kind of water sports you can find here. Ranging from easy level to difficult or tend to be extreme level that you find it difficult to imagine.

The demand of extreme water sport in Bali is high. The travelers around the world and domestic tourists come to Bali to try something different.

We cannot deny that someday in our lives are too flat and undergo the same daily activities that easily bring boredom. We need something different thing that can stimulate adrenaline and generate new spirit.

The extreme Bali water sport activities might be that something different you’re longing for.

Here are some references for you.


You may often see people do surfing by using a board and following the wave direction forward, right? Then, what if surfing is done by flying people on the board to the top?

Or it is good to be called shoot people up to as far as 10 meters. Only the extreme water sport, Flyingboard can make it possible to happen.

You will be wearing a special pair of boots with jet nozzles. After it feels balance in standing up, you will then be shot up.

Your manuver style when doing flyingboard will look very cool because you seem to have magical power in your boots that makes you levitate far away in the air.

Ayung River Tubing

Are you more than 15 years old traveler? If you so, you can try this thrilling water sport on the river, not on the beach.

This is similar to rafting.

But, this water sport in Bali use a smaller inflatable boat that fits for only two people.  The person behind will hold the paddle during the longest and biggest trip along the tubing in Ayung river. All you need is only helmet, safety life jacket and insurance for 3 hours tubing trip.

While holding on tightly to both sides of the boat, you can also enjoy the natural scenery around you like lush trees, jumping fish out the river, and climbing monkeys on the trees.


Extreme Water Sport in Bali 2

When you visit Tanjung Benoa, don’t miss this one of Bali water sport activities. Wakeboarding is a water sport that combines water skiing and surfing. Wakeboarding player will stand on the customize wakeboard.

Then, the wakeboard will be pulled by speedboat with an average speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

There is also wakeboarding that is pulled using a cable system. The speed of this cable system is certainly easier to measure than the speed of a speedboat that is controlled by a professional speedboat man.

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