Feel Your Adrenaline Rise with Flying Fish in Tanjung Benoa Bali

Feel Your Adrenaline Rise with Flying Fish in Tanjung Benoa Bali 1

There is a lot of water sport in this world. Bali as a tourism destination also offers water sport for tourists. Flying fish in Tanjung Benoa is one of many alternatives you can take.

What is this? Is it safe? Let’s find out.

What Is Flying Fish

Flying fish is animals of the fish family, but they have wide fins that make them available to jump to the air and fly for a while.

It’s not flying, because they only do it once with a jump, then they dive into the water again. They do it time by time so that it looks like flying without flapping the wings.

These animals give ideas to humans to create a water sport where people could enjoy flying on the fish that jump over the water. This watersport uses a balloon with a design similar to flying fish with two fins on both sides.

The passenger lays faces the sky on both sides of the fins. While a jockey rides the ‘fish’ in the middle, as long as a boat pulls it from the water surface. Flying fish in Tanjung Benoa is one of the best choices for water sport in Bali.

Enjoy Your Adventure

Most water sport design to challenge your adrenaline. Fear of height and speed will be the prey of doing this challenge. But of course, the person with heart attack retention, high blood pressure or other diseases that could be a danger if they got adrenaline flow, should stay on the beach.

Flying fish in Tanjung Benoa is not only interesting, but it also can give you more experience. Be sure to prepare yourself for this.

Wear proper clothes that won’t disturb you along the adventure. A long dress or wide skirt is not necessary. Put off your wide hat because you should wear a safety helmet.

You also should wear a life vest properly. It can save your life, especially if you can’t swim. This water sport is relatively safe, but the accident may happen anytime. So, it is wise to be prepared.

You’ll start flying on the beach, where you can lay down your body on the wings of the flying fish. Then, the motorboat will take you with high speed, so that the flying fish will jump into the air.   

Flying fish in Tanjung Benoa is a challenge for you. Be sure to prepare yourself with proper pieces of stuff, clothes, and prepare your mind for refreshment time.

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