How to Enjoy Banana Boat in Tanjung Benoa

How to Enjoy Banana Boat in Tanjung Benoa 1

Water sport has become so famous in the world. Want to try challenging water sport, but you have a fear of height? Try Banana boat in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. What is this?

Let’s find out.

What is Banana Boat?

Many options for activities to do in Bali. It is one of them. Banana boat is the name of a water sport that uses a floating boat that the shape designed like a banana. Usually, they have a yellow color, too.

It has three pieces, which is the banana located in the middle, with two wings on the left and right side. The middle part has properties for sitting properly and holding tight. This is the place for the passengers.

The banana boat pulled by motorboat with high speed on the water surface, so that the passenger on it has to hold tight along the way. Usually, this boat is big enough so that can take 5 persons at once. The shape that similar to banana makes the boat has an almost sharp shape frontal part so that it can separate water to make it flow fast.

The motorboat will take the banana boat and passengers on it to go around the water not far from the beach for several minutes. Sometimes, to give more enjoyment, the driver will make sharp turns at the end of the way, so that all of the passengers will fall into the water.

Banana boat in Tanjung Benoa could be a choice for people that want to feel the challenging water sport, but unable to enjoy height. You’ll only feel the speed and the feeling of sea wind on your face.

How to Enjoy Banana Boat in Tanjung Benoa 2

Banana Boat Bali

Before you do this water sport, you will receive a life vest from the vendor and get a short briefing about safety. Wear the life vest properly and tight, like the instructions.

Wearing this safety stuff properly can help you survive if accidentally you fall. Even a person that can’t swim can float on the water surface by the help of the life vest. You will also get safety direction from the instructor. Listen to the direction properly, so that you can enjoy your adventure.

Banana boat in Tanjung Benoa design for people who love water adventure. Wear proper clothes, so that you can move easily to ride the banana boat. As it, water sport, prepare yourself for getting wet and got much sunshine, especially if you do this activity at noon.

Banana boat in Tanjung Benoa will give you joyful experience. Visit for more information. 

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