Parasailing Adventure Bali in Tanjung Benoa For Unforgettable Adventure

parasailing adventure bali in tanjung benoa

Some people love water sport and they seek for different water sport sensation in a different place. Parasailing adventure Bali in Tanjung Benoa offers you excitement and joy. Let’s go.

What is Parasailing?

Parasailing could be categorized as water sport because it located in the water area. The word parasailing means the activity when you fly in the air using parachute that pulls by a vehicle. As the vehicle run, the parachute and the person will be lifted to the air. If the parachute big enough, it can bring more than one person at once, usually not more than three persons.

Parasailing adventure Bali in Tanjung Benoa will give you the excitement of being pull by water sky or motorboat from the beach. As you lifted to the air, you can see the beautiful scenery around the beach. So that you’ll get the excitement and joy at once.

Parasailing Adventure Bali

Parasailing is safe water sport because the vendor will serve equipment, life vest, and helmet to wear when you fly. The instructor will give you a short course and teach directions for you. This could be about what you have to do so that you’ll fly and landing safety.

You might find instruction to pull the right or left rope. You don’t have to worry, along the time you fly, there will be guards on the beach. One of them uses a microphone that makes you available to hear their voice from above. He gives you direction to pull the right or left rope, a few seconds before your landing.

Usually, in single parasailing, when you ready, your body will tighten to equipment, so that you connected to the parachute. Then the motorboat will run and lift you from the sand. In this place, a session will take you one round around the beach. Little bit different with parasailing adventure.

In this Bali water sport activities, use your time to see around and enjoy your adrenaline pumped. Sometimes, the queue is long enough, so that after you land, you’ll help to put off the parachute and replaced by another person in the queue.

Parasailing adventure in Tanjung Benoa is an exciting adventure to do in Bali. Even people who can’t swim can do this water sport because they might not need to touch any water. The life vest also makes you flow if accidentally you. 

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