New Water Sport, Rolling Donut in Tanjung Benoa

New Water Sport, Rolling Donut in Tanjung Benoa 1

Naturally, most people enjoy the excitement of water sport. The problem is, some people feel unable to join water sport because they can’t swim. Rolling a donut in Tanjung Benoa could be a solution.

How come? Let’s find out.

Joyful Water Sport

It’s natural that since a person is a baby, they enjoy playing with water. Along with the growth, a human will still love it. But the human needs more challenge to enjoy their play with water.

Then people create water sport, which is a combination of water play and exciting experience. Doing water sport will make the adrenaline in your blood pumped and give you refreshment.

As not all people have swimming skills, then some of them choose not to do water sport to avoid the dangerous situation of falling and sinking. These group needs a solution to make them enjoy water sport and being safe at once.

Rolling donut in Tanjung Benoa could be the solution for Bali water sport activities. Rolling donut is a water sport that uses a floating boat with a shape similar to a doughnut (donut). It has a circle shape with the holes in it as the place of the passenger.

Usually, there are 5 holes in one donut in the proper position, which makes it able to be balanced.

The donut pulls by a motorboat so that it fastly flow on the surface of the water. Sometimes, if it meets the sea wave, it will jump from the surface. This will invite the joyful feeling for the passenger.  

New Water Sport, Rolling Donut in Tanjung Benoa 2

No Fear of Fall

Rolling donut makes the passenger can sit properly and enjoy the trip because the sitting position is so nice and comfortable. Each passenger gets a personal life vest that they should wear properly.

This personal life vest will be very useful if the passenger falls into the water accidentally. Of course, it won’t happen if the passenger does the instruction properly.

Before you do this rolling donut in Tanjung Benoa, you’ll get a short briefing from the instructor. Listen properly, because it is your guide for your safety along the trip. Sit on the donut and hold tightly.

This water sport is really exciting, so that documentation should be done properly, too. Prepare documentation property that able to use in water, because along the trip, the seawater could touch the property.

Rolling donut in Tanjung Benoa is a joyful water sport with minimum risks so that people that unable to swim can enjoy it. 

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