Bali Water Sport Activities That Will Mesmerize You

Bali Water Sport Activities That Will Mesmerize You 1

Bali is everyone’s heart. In the breadth of fortune and time, there is always Bali in the list of tourist destinations. Especially for those who have enough pressure on their chest and headaches due to hectic daily activities from Monday to Friday during work hours.

You will find the diverse choices of tourism objects in Bali.

People who will enjoy the vacation will never run out of ideas or places to visit that can satisfy their precious off days or leisure time. One that is popular in Bali is watersports which are scattered in several points of the beach.

So, when you walk along the street at the edge of the beach, you will easily find people who do the watersports.  Almost all of these watersports are favorite for the tourists, domestic and foreign tourists.

So, prepare yourself together with your travel buddies to enjoy all Bali water sport activities that can instantly captivate your interests.

Scuba Diving

Bali provides abundant places for diving activities such as scuba diving. Scuba diving is an extreme water sport. The divers can possible to dive to the bottom of the dark deep sea.

Scuba is abbreviation of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparus.

In its whole activities, divers are required to take diving training first. Scuba also needs certain diving techniques and special tools for deep diving such as air tubes, diving suits, stage 1 regulators, stage 2 regulators, octopus, and many more.

Scuba is different from snorkeling. Snorkeling only requires simple equipment like snorkel, fins, and mask. The diver in snorkeling can only dive as far as 5 meters.

Bali Water Sport Activities That Will Mesmerize You 2
Diving in Tulamben, Bali

One of the most sought after scuba diving destinations in Bali is Tulamben. Tulamben is a village that faces the Lombok Strait. The beach of Tulamben is in the northeast of Bali island.

Here you can do scuba diving to witness the abundance of coral reefs and various fish with different behaviors. These enchanting natural colors will then deliver divers to the wreck of the USS Liberty. This ship sank in 1963 due to the earthquake and the eruption of Mount Agung.

You can feel the contrast sensation once. Beautiful and soothing atmosphere under the water then leads to a thrilling atmosphere as you dive deeper into the wreck ship.


Wanna try something new underwater? Subwing is an extreme water sport. Although it is done under water, but this is not an ordinary dive like snorkeling. You will dive using a wing-like tool.

When you subwinging underwater, you just look like a dolphin or shark swimming underwater that easily splits through the water and makes everything around it move away.

Bali Water Sport Activities That Will Mesmerize You 3
Subwing at Gili Island

You will feel the sensation of flying, gliding and spinning under water. Indonesia is the only country in Asia to facilitate this water sport.

In Bali, when this article was written, this water sport activity was not yet available. You can go to Gili Island which has provided this subwing facility.

Before subwinging, you will first take a short training with a professional guide. You will be directed to be able to control the board. During the subwinging session, the board that you hold will be pulled by the speedboat.

You can enjoy the underwater scenery and then occasionally you will be pulled to do the maneuver by moving quickly, spinning around to the right, to the left, to the top and drift even deeper.

This underwater trip with subwing lasts for approximately 25 minutes. You also need to bring your underwater camera because there are so many beautiful things you need to capture during the diving.


In wakeboarding, you have to ride a special board that resembles a small surfing board. Then, your board will be pulled by boat or speedboat.

The movement of your board will follow the flow of the waves. The average speed of a boat that pulls a wakeboard is about 25 kilometers. This speed can be higher or lower depending on the size of the speedboat that pull the wakeboard, the size of wakeboard, and the weight of a person who rides the wakeboard.

The session takes about 30 minutes includes the direction with the instructor.


Bali Water Sport Activities That Will Mesmerize You 4
Kite surfing

Have you ever imagined playing kite while doing surfing on turbulent waves? It is possible to be done in Bali. There are even special places that provide facilities for the extreme water sport called kitesurfing.

As the name implies, this water sport unites the surfing activity on a wakeboard with flying a large kite. The large kite will attract your body that is on the wakeboard as quickly as possible.

So, you can dance on the waves or even float a little in the air. One of your hands will become a barrier when the kite is working. While the other hand can move freely. Most of those who do this extreme water sport will put their hands on the water. As if they were doing high five with the turbulent waves.

No need to worry about the safety. During the kitesurfing, your body (from stomach to waist) will be attached to the equipment that is tied to the kite handle. It is really comfortable for the user. You can even take selfie while doing kitesurfing.

The favorite places to do the kitesurfing in Bali include Seminyak, Mertasari beach  in Sanur, Canggu, and Tanjung Benoa. Sanur is the best kitesurfing destination for beginners as the waves here tend to be constant and not too big.

Meanwhile, for those who like a challenge, do come to Canggu which is famous for its huge waves.

Water Skiing

Skiing is usually done on snow. Then, what if you do skiing on the water? The beaches in Bali are very suitable for water skiing. This Bali water sport is specifically for those who intend to get wet and need a challenge after the super busy days or heartbreak, perhaps.

You will stand on a water ski board. The board just looks like a paddle that is ready to sweep the waves crashing in your path. After all preparation is done, your hands must hold tight to the cable. Then, a speedboat or electric motorboat will pull the cable until your body is smoothly dragged on the water.

Sometimes you can lose your balance, so that your body twists to the left, to the right, or even falls into the water. However, you will soon be able to control it, so that you can stand in balance.

It is cool to try to lift one of your hands occasionally. Just for simply enjoy the cold wind blowing around you. Or if possible and you have guts, you can take selfie with one hand.

Make sure your cell phone is stored properly and you can handle it well. All equipment used is safety. And also the speedboat driver that will pull you is very professional.

So, are you ready to tighten your life jacket?

Canyon Tubing

Canyon tubing is almost like rafting on the river, not on the beach.

However, this water sport doesn’t require rowing at all. You will only sit on an inflatable raft boat with a capacity for one person. Then, you will be given security equipment such as helmet and life jacket.

After all the equipment is properly put on your body, you can already navigate the narrow stream through the lush green rain forest along with experienced instructors.

During the canyon tubing session, you can feel tremendous tension while watching forest dwellers like monkeys jumping on the trees or fish jumping to the water. Then, you will occasionally face waterfall location that is ready to throw you to the bottom. That’s thrilling enough, right?!

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